Hardcore UFOs BOX SET: Revelations, Epiphanies and Fast Food in the Western Hemisphere

Guided By Voices

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The 5 disc anthology box set released by Guided by Voices in 2003, containing:


Disc 1:  The Best of Guided by Voices: Human Amusements at Hourly Rates

This edition of the album differs slightly as it includes the original album versions of "Game Of Pricks" and "Motor Away" rather the re-recorded single versions (these both appear on Disc 2 of the set). It also arranges the tracks chronologically.


Disc 2: Demons and Painkillers: Matador Out-of-Print Singles, B-Sides & Compilation Tracks.


Disc 3: Delicious Pie & Thank You for Calling: Previously Unreleased Songs and Recordings.


Disc 4: Live at the Wheelchair Races: Unreleased Live Recordings 1995–2002.


Disc 5: Forever Since Breakfast: The 1986 Debut EP.

GBV's first official release.