Guided by Voices

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Release Date: 30th August 2019

The final Matador album from Dayton, Ohio’s legendary geniuses Guided By Voices, which at the time was set to be their last ever. After twenty-odd years, twenty-odd lineups, and twenty-odd albums, EPs, singles, triples, stolen bases, misdemeanor convictions, and broken hearts, Dayton, OH’s fortunate sons took a leave of absence only to re-emerge in 2010 at a certain label’s 21st birthday celebrations in Las Vegas. Back in print for the first time since 2008, this limited edition marks the first time Half Smiles has been pressed onto coloured - red translucent - vinyl.


01. Everyone Thinks I’m A Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking)
02. Sleep Over Jack
03. Girls Of Wild Strawberries
04. Gonna Never Have To Die
05. Window Of My World
06. Closets Of Henry
07. Tour Guide At Winston Churchill Memorial
08. Asia Minor
09. Sons Of Apollo
10. Sing For Your Meat
11. Asphyxiated Circle
12. A Second Spurt Of Growth
13. (S)Mothering And Coaching
14. Huffman Prairie Flying Field